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CFO of the Year

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CFO of the Year
CFO of the Year

TheDaily Herald Business Ledger's 2016 CFO of the Year Awards program celebrates the financial executives who contribute to the success of our region's economic growth and stability.

For more information regarding the CFO of the Year Awards as well as for advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Andy Zielonka, manager of sales and operations, Daily Herald Business Ledger at (630) 955-3592 or

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Candidates for the CFO Awards will meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates are the individuals responsible for the financial management of their companies. They may or may not carry the title of chief financial officer, but they carry the responsibilities of that office.
  2. Candidates must work in the suburban Chicago region (DuPage County, Fox Valley, suburban Cook County, Lake County and Will County).

Nomination Procedure:

  • Nominations must be submitted online only by May 27, 2016.
  • A statement either from business management, customers, vendors, employees or others familiar with the nominee can be very helpful to our judges.
  • Self-nomination is permitted.
  • All nominees will be notified of their status following the judging.

Award Categories

Awards will be presented based on company size ranked by number of employees (privately held or publicly held companies are both eligible):

By Company Size:

  • 5 – 50 employees
  • 51 – 99 employees
  • 100+ employees

Non-Profit Category (Both charitable -- 501c3 and 501c6 organizations

  • 1 – 25 employees
  • 26+ employees

Government (Municipal, County, State, Federal)

Educational Institution (Public or Private is eligible)


Consideration is given to the CFO's contributions to their company / organization's overall growth, commitment to good ethics, effective reporting and involvement in the community. Note: Selection is not based solely on record monetary results. CFO accomplishments will come in many forms and each will be considered on their merit.

Candidates for the CFO Awards will demonstrate their achievements in the following areas:

  • Describe how this candidate has advanced and contributed to the success of the company for which he or she works.
  • Describe how this candidate has advanced and shown leadership within the industry to which her or his company belongs and or the field of financial operations.
  • Describe how this candidate is involved with and shown leadership within the community.
  • Describe or list how this candidate has continued to develop professionally earning additional certifications and/or degrees.
  • Describe or list this candidate's other significant achievements such as honors, awards and recognitions.

After we have received the nomination, the nominee and person submitting the nomination, will be asked to submit additional information…if necessary to support the nomination. See below for additional information that could be submitted.

Additional Information

Please use the list below as a guide to providing additional information / materials about the nominee and/or his/her company or organization. Include whatever information you think would be helpful to the selection committee. Remember, judging is conducted solely from the quality of the information and materials submitted. Please do not submit audio/visual materials or materials that must be returned.

Electronic submission of additional material is strongly encouraged. Please send materials in Microsoft Word or PDF formats (any images in .jpeg format) to

Additional material should include:

  • Describe how this financial executive fits the awards category.
  • History of the executive's company/organization and a mission statement if applicable.
  • Describe the growth of the organization during the CFO's tenure.
  • Achievements, honors and awards.
  • Contributions to or reinvestment in the community.
  • Marketing or sales brochures.
  • Brief biography or resume.
  • Testimonials/newspaper articles.
  • Annual report or summary indicating the success of the company or organization, if applicable.

Click here for nomination form

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do we need to disclose proprietary financial information?

A. No. You may offer some general benchmarks of financial growth and success that reflects upon the efforts of the CFO. Percentages are often used. (E.g. "the company grew by over 200 percent in the last five years and expects sales to exceed $25 million in 2015.")

Why should our company participate in this awards program?

A. The awards provide a significant public relations opportunity and even though we are honoring an individual, your entire company shares in that success. Honorees are profiled in the Daily Herald Business Ledger as well as online through our e-mail newsletter The Business Edge. You can send out your own press release to interested media. You can post your company's honor on your web site and insert copies of articles in your sales kits. You will also have the opportunity to meet other successful business executives who are being honored.

Who does the judging and what are they looking for?

A. The editorial staff of the Daily Herald Business Ledger conducts the judging. They will select up to 20 individuals to be honored. They are looking for a diverse group of honorees: by industry, size of organization, financial success, and product or service. Our goal is to select a representative sample of businesses that are successful in our community. We are looking for stories about successful businesses and the people who make them successful.

What is the recognition event like? Who should attend?

A. Approximate attendance will be about 200 people. The evening begins with a reception. A keynote speaker will set the tone for the evening. The honorees are introduced recognized from the podium and recognized with an A/V presentation. A representative of each company/organization is offered one minute to offer comments. Typically, honorees bring several employees, family and friends who have been instrumental in the recognition of the company/organization to share this honor.

For more information regarding the CFO of the Year Awards as well as for advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Andy Zielonka, Manager of Sales & Operations, at (630) 955-3592 or