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Kooker’s is moving from Barrington after operating in the village for 28 years.
Kooker's to move from Barrington to Lake Zurich
After operating in Barrington for about 28 years, Kooker's restaurant is moving to Lake Zurich.
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A long-term lease transaction was recently finalized with Box Partners at Northwest Pointe II in Elgin.
Elgin lease finalized
Olive Garden restaurants unveil new look
The lawn north of the Naperville Municipal Center along the Riverwalk soon will be turned into Jaycees Park, an area with seating, shade, plantings, tables, electricity and Wi-Fi for people to work while on the go. Construction on the $416,000 park could begin this summer.
Naperville approves design for new park that will be open-air workspace
Rashon Nelson, left, and Donte Robinson, right. Their arrests at a local Starbucks quickly became a viral video and galvanized people around the country who saw the incident as modern-day racism. In the week since, Nelson and Robinson have met with Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson and are pushing for lasting changes to ensure that what happened to them doesn’t happen to future patrons.
Black men arrested at Starbucks tell their story
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