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The existing MB Financial Park sign at the top of an elevator well is one of 130 in and around the park that will be replaced after a new naming rights deal with Parkway Bank takes effect in 2018.
Cost of doing business: $128,000 to replace signs at Rosemont park
Some 130 signs at MB Financial Park -- Rosemont's 200,000-square-foot entertainment district -- will be replaced at a cost of more than $125,000 with "Parkway Bank Park" signs after a new naming rights deal takes effect at the start of 2018.
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Nicole Wolter is president and CEO of HM Manufacturing in Wauconda.
Founder's daughter pulls HM Manufacturing out of trouble, earns CEO title
While some towns spent thousands for officials to attend the Illinois Municipal League conference at the Hilton Chicago this past September, others chose not to attend.
Why four tiny suburbs spent thousands at Chicago conference
Ailing Sears Holdings Corp. has started to sell DieHard-branded battery-related accessories like jump starters and battery chargers on
Sears teams up with Amazon to sell DieHard brand
Veteran WGN weather forecaster Jim Ramsey will retire at the end of the year.
Feder: Year of media retirements isn't over yet
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