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If the proper stormwater management policies aren’t enforced on the $10 billion Foxconn project in southeast Wisconsin, Gurnee Mayor Kristina Kovarik said Monday night, flooding could get worse in the village.
Gurnee raises alarm on $10B Foxconn plan in Wisconsin
The Gurnee village board joined the county by raising the alarm that the proposed $10 billion Foxconn manufacturing plant in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, will significantly harm flooding in the village.
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Paul Bartman
Keeping employees mental health top of mind
Teri Dreher
What's new in employee benefits? Health advocacy programs
Even though marijuana use may be growing in social acceptance, companies still need to adopt strong workplace substance abuse policies that are reviewed and updated on, at least, an annual basis to ensure accuracy, consistency and effectiveness of the policy, experts say.
Legalization of marijuana and its impact on the workplace
An artist’s rendering shows the five-story, 76-unit apartment building proposed for the northwest corner of Hickory Avenue and Kensington Road — a project that is getting nearly $1 million in tax increment financing over the next eight years.
Arlington Heights gives developer tax money for apartments
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