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Jerry Murphy
CPA moves up the corporate ladder
Jerry Murphy has spent the past 25 years working his way up at Sikich LLP in Naperville and was recently named partner-in-charge of its manufacturing and distribution practice.
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Nine families bought the renamed The Club at Wynstone Golf Club in their North Barrington subdivision. The new owners say elimination of a men-only dining area and other changes represent the private golf club of the future.
Exclusive North Barrington golf club to become more family-friendly
FILE - In this May 17, 2017 file photo, an Amazon Alexa device is switched on for a demonstration of its use in a ballpark suite before a Seattle Mariners baseball game in Seattle. Struggling retailer Sears is looking to get a hand from Amazon, announcing that it will start offering its Kenmore products on the online powerhouse’s website. Sears, which runs Kmart and its namesake stores, said that Kenmore Smart appliances will also be fully integrated with Amazon’s Alexa. This will allow consumers to control products, like Kenmore Smart air conditioners, by making a request to Alexa. Shares of Sears Holdings, based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, surged more than 8 percent in Thursday, July 20, premarket trading. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Alexa, turn up my Kenmore AC; Sears cuts a deal with Amazon
Oak Brook-based McDonald’s Corp. is going after the midafternoon snacking crowd with sweets: croissants, muffin tops and a new sundae-topping station for ice cream lovers.
McDonald's takes on mid-afternoon fast-food dead zone with sweets
Abbott tops Street 2Q forecasts
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