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Hoffman Estates-based Sears, reeling from billions in losses, is marking down its entire inventory by 10 percent to 50 percent in order to spur more holiday sales traffic.
Sears launches aggressive holiday sales campaign to cope with slump
Sears, reeling from billions in losses and sputtering mall traffic, is increasingly turning to a time-honored retail tactic: putting everything on sale.
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Dawn Reed is opening A New Dawn Gifts, Boutique, Cards store in Hoffman Estates.
Hoffman Estates card shop changes names, updates
Small Business Advocacy Council names CEO
ML Realty Partners said Windy City Wire Cable and Technology Products LLC has executed a long-term renewal and expansion at 386 Internationale Drive in Bolingbrook.
Windy City Wire expands in Bolingbrook
The lakeside patio and pool were part of a $25 million renovation at Lincolnshire Marriott Resort.
Lincolnshire Marriott Resort completes $25 million renovation
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