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Why many minimum wage workers in suburbs won't be getting a raise July 1
Some minimum wage workers in Cook County will get a $1.75 raise and paid sick days July 1, but it depends where they work. A Daily Herald survey of 134 municipalities in suburban Cook County shows more than two-thirds have opted out of two county ordinances that would raise the minimum wage and mandate businesses pay employees for sick days.
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Bob Chwedyk/ After nearly six decades as a fixture in American malls, Hoffman Esatates-based Claire’s is facing an uphill battle to stay afloat.
Claire's faces an uphill battle to stay afloat
Lynn O’Shea, president of the Association for Individual Development, was among human services providers who attended a news conference in Elgin about the effects of the state’s budget impasse and the potential effects of Senate Republicans’ health care bill.
Suburban nonprofits to state: We need funding as we keep laying off staff
West Dundee is offering incentives for a project to revitalize a downtown building at 124 W. Main St.
Makeover, doughnut shop planned for West Dundee site
Terri McNally of Mundelein is CEO of Global Capital Ltd., based in Chicago. Her son, Sean McNally, has founded another company called SLM Enterprises.
Mundelein entrepreneur partners with son, might merge businesses
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