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Sears looks like the next company with head-scratching CDS trade
For the past two years, credit-derivatives traders have been betting almost certain odds that Sears Holdings Corp. will default on its debt. Now, those wagers are being turned upside down by a complex proposal from the retailer's biggest shareholder.
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The shuttered water park attached to the One Arlington residential building in Arlington Heights will be renovated into a climbing wall recreation facility and family entertainment center.
Climbing wall, family fun center coming to Arlington Heights
Fight for $15 is announcing that it's helping women in several U.S. cities to file complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged they experienced sexual harassment while working at McDonald's.
McDonald's workers file sex harassment claims in nine cities
Palatine village council members on Monday night granted a special-use permit allowing Mullins Used Cars Inc. to operate in this building at 2017 N. Rand Road.
Palatine gains another used-car business
Gifford’s Kitchen and Social recently opened in the old Tilted Kilt location just off Randall Road in Elgin.
Gifford's Kitchen and Social now open in Elgin
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