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Research has shown the positive effect features such as plants, natural light and views of nature have on employees.
Vitality is the theme for office desin in 2018
The theme for 2018 office design is "vitality."
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Mary Lynn Fayoumi served as moderator of a forum presented in Oak Brook Thursday by the Daily Herald Business Ledger that addressed opioid abuse and its impact on the workplace.
Panel: Education and awareness key to solving opioid crisis
New homes go up in Sugar Grove several years ago. The spring homebuilding season is approaching.
Suburban homebuilders gear up for a steady spring housing market
The proprietors behind Arlington Beer Co. want to open their microbrewery and tap room on Hickory Avenue in Arlington Heights. But for that to happen, Arlington Heights leaders would have to approve changes in village code.
Arlington Heights might change rules to allow microbrewery
Mark R. Raymond
Boomers seek business succession
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