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Patrons play two of the five video gambling machines at the Pony Up Oakbrook Terrace off-track betting facility. A Daily Herald analysis shows Oakbrook Terrace has one video gambling machine for every 46 residents.
1 machine for every 46 residents: The suburbs with the most video gambling
In the suburbs, some towns have one video gambling machine for about every 50 residents. When will the industry become too saturated?
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BNSF riders had a rough week as Metra began a new schedule and braking system. Officials hope rollouts on other lines in coming months will be smoother.
Metra hopes worst is over with new BNSF schedule, braking system
Optimas OE Solutions Holdings acquires Circle Bolt & Nut Co.
A recent study showed parents had different expectations of female and male baby sitters, including expecting girls to do more household tasks and spend more unpaid time in before-and-after conversations with parents. They also paid boys more.
Teens face a gender pay gap, too. Here's how to help them navigate it.
The pension reforms that Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, a former construction company CEO elected in 2010, has been able to achieve might serve as an example to other U.S. municipalities whose retirement systems are in deep debt.
What we can learn from one mayor's pension reforms
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