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The triangle-shaped swath of farmland south of Six Flags Great America along Washington Street in Gurnee is an area that the village hopes could become another big draw. Officials will hear a proposal about the land on Monday.
Gurnee board to consider plans for industrial complex near Great America
A triangular parcel of land just south of Great America has long been seen by Gurnee leaders as the site of the village's next big tourist attraction. On Monday night, however, the village board will discuss a very different plan to build two massive industrial buildings there.
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Within walking distance of State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, is the Westgate Entertainment District, a bustling area of movie theaters, arcades and restaurants serving visitors on game days and throughout the year.
Is a Bears move to Arlington Park realistic? Other NFL towns show what has to happen
The Woodman’s Food Market in Bloomingdale is expected to have a soft opening in late July.
Woodman's Food Market targets late July opening in Bloomingdale
Egg Harbor Cafe in Barrington has plans to apply for a liquor license to serve mimosas, Bloody Marys and the like.
Two Barrington restaurants want to start serving liquor
Robert Feder, catching up with the legendary Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America.”
Robert Feder's unapologetic defense of journalism
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