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Brown Commercial Group Senior Associate Mason Hezner recently negotiated the purchase of 2301 Estes Avenue in Elk Grove Village.
Brown associate brokers three property sales
Brown Commercial Group Senior Associate Mason Hezner recently negotiated three transactions totaling 22,280 square feet in Elk Grove Village and Buffalo Grove.
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Illinois was among six states that received a D minus grade, the lowest one possible, in a new report by the Volcker Alliance that scored how they’ve dealt with unfunded liabilities for public-employee pensions and retiree health care over the past three years.
The math test that Illinois is nearly flunking
St. Charles aldermen said Monday they support a plan to build a new car wash at 1625 W. Main St., despite an anonymous attempt to derail the project.
St. Charles aldermen denounce anonymous effort to halt car wash project
Des Plaines-based The Missner Group and Timber Hill Group have recently completed construction of an industrial building at 1075 Chaddick Drive in Wheeling.
New industrial building in Wheeling completed
The Oswego Area Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a ribbon cutting for Ed’s Urns, Plaques & Memorials, Ed makes custom items in memory of family or pets and to celebrate special occasions in life.
Images: After Hours, Dec. 2018
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