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Ashley Logan
How a nonprofit partnership will benefit your business
Chicagoans are taught to work hard, to come together and, most importantly, to give back. For a business, partnering with a nonprofit lives up to that philsophy and provides benefits for the charity and your company.
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Foundation volunteers, from left, Tamara Ortegel, Juliana Maller, Jim Myers, Karen Fleming, and Katelyn Moon were recognized at Giving DuPage’s October 25 Volapalooza. Not pictured is June Barnard.
DuPage Foundation honors six volunteers
Elmhurst College President Troy D. VanAken, center, was named the top fundraiser of the Real Men Wear Pink campaign of DuPage County, raising $10,135 with the help of a campuswide effort called Real Bluejays Wear Pink.
Elmhurst College president named top fundraiser for DuPage Real Men Wear Pink campaign
The sales success code for 2019
How a passion grew into 'doing business doing good'
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