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Associated Press/Chinatopix A bank clerk disinfects banknotes Wednesday in the headquarters of the Suining Bank in Suining city in southwest China’s Sichuan province. China’s central bank has ordered banks to ensure the safety of the cash circulation through putting money through quarantine period or disinfection and destroying cash from places like hospital and public transport services to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
Survey: Manufacturers expect 5-week delays caused by coronavirus
Electronics manufacturers anticipate at least a five-week product shipment delay from suppliers due to the coronavirus epidemic, according to a survey conducted by Bannockburn-based global electronics manufacturing association IPC.
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The Dean Foods facility in Huntley in this 2018 photo.
Developer of former Dean Foods plant in Huntley seeking permit to keep trucks at site
The owner of McHenry Outdoor Theater said he's planning a bunch of upgrades, including installing a new screen for “the brightest and most crisp resolution” ever projected at the theater in McHenry.
Upgrades planned for McHenry's last suburban drive-in
Mondelez acquires bakery company Give & Go
Scott Price, president of Toms Price Furniture, lends his design expertise as far away as Arizona and Florida, and travels often to client homes for installations.
Family-owned Toms Price continues to thrive through more than a century
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