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How businesses are preparing before recreational marijuana use begins
Experts advise businesses to review drug use policies, train managers to spot intoxication and keep an eye on court rulings to prepare for the legalization of recreational marijuana starting Jan. 1.
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“Fortnite” is played on three laptops and a cellphone as Nokia in Naperville conducts a live over-the-air demonstration of an end-to-end 5G outdoor capable small cell network.
Nokia Naperville demo uses 'Fortnite' to show off 5G capabilities
The first phase of a nearly $40 million operating room renovation and expansion is almost complete at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital in Geneva. Project leaders say special attention was given to the nine new operating rooms, which will be ready Nov. 29.
Operating rooms, outpatient services upgraded at Delnor Hospital
“The future is now,” Erika McEwan said when she was asked about the new store. McEwan was shopping with her husband Joe, both of Lombard, Wednesday as Amazon opened one of its Amazon 4-star stores today at Oakbrook Center.
Amazon 4-star opens in Oakbrook Center
Ross Molho, owner and partner of Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC makes a point at the Daily Herald Business Ledger Marijuana in the Workplace panel forum in Elk Grove on Wednesday. Listening is Timothy Lyman, M.D. medical director of immediate care and occupational medicine at Amita Health and Rusty Magner, managing director and benefits advisor at TrueNorth Companies.
Panel: Legal pot won't affect workplace impairment policies
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