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MB Financial shareholders today approved the company’s merger with Fifth Third Bancorp.
Up to 50 bank branches could close in MB, Fifth Third merger
MB Financial shareholders on Tuesday approved the company's merger with Fifth Third Bancorp. For now, all branches will continue to operate, but eventually up to 50 of the 239 Chicago-area branches could close.
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Courtesy of CDW Tom Richards, CEO of CDW, will retire and be replaced by Christine Leahy. The company has its executive offices in Lincolnshire.
CDW's chief executive officer to retire
Steve Spinell
Millennials and downsizers find common housing ground in new suburban development
Savant Capital Management, an independent, nationally-recognized, fee-only wealth management firm, announced it is combining two of its local offices and moving to a new office located in St. Charles.
Savant Capital Management merges locations in St. Charles
Darryl Jacobs
Conceived by the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) in Washington, D.C., and created through the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Opportunity Zones program allows investors to defer capital gains taxes by redeploying proceeds from the sale of an investment in
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