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Marc DeFauw
Itasca Bank & Trust makes four appointments
Itasca Bank & Trust recently named Marc DeFauw, Scott LaMorte, Angelo M. Marroquin and Nicole Marshall to new positions at the bank.
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The Downtown St. Charles Partnership could merge with the Greater St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau to create a single marketing and economic development organization called One St. Charles.
Why two St. Charles organizations might merge into one
BBK Motorsport in Elgin, which closed in late December, will hold an out-of-business auction Saturday at 227 DuPage St.
Elgin motorcycle dealership owner says closure was heartbreaking
The U.S. General Services Administration will occupy more than 70,000 square feet at 747 E. 22nd St., in Lombard through a long-term lease, according to commercial real estate firm NAI Hiffman.
GSA to lease space in Lombard
Highland Cafe launched Tuesday at 109 E. Highland Ave. in downtown Elgin. Pictured here are worker Jamie Berry, from left, owners Andrew and Britta Cuming, and manager Adam Powell, who is Berry’s boyfriend.
From Domani to Highland: Cafe relaunching in Elgin with new name
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