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Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico says it long has been part of the plan about redevelopment along 5th Avenue to hire an independent firm to advise about design proposals received from developer Ryan Companies. The city is awaiting responses to a request for proposals from interested firms.
Naperville seeking consultant to review 5th Avenue plans
Naperville is seeking expert help to evaluate the proposals it receives for redevelopment along 5th Avenue near the Metra station.
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Barrington Orthopedic Specialists in Schaumburg was recently sold.
Inland Private Capital sells four medical properties
Lewis University has been named on the Best Midwestern list in the Princeton Review.
Princeton Review names Lewis University on Best Midwestern list
McDonald’s and its franchisees are investing $317 million to update most of the 401 restaurants in Illinois.
Table delivery part of McDonald's plan to update 401 Illinois restaurants
Daily Herald File Photo Zebra Technologies Corp. in Lincolnshire said it completed its acquisition of Xplore Technologies Corp. in Texas.
Zebra Technologies completes $90M acquisition of Xplore Technologies
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