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The Naperville City Council now can consider survey data about commuter parking and permit parking waiting lists as members weigh next steps in the process of redeveloping 13 city-owned acres along 5th Avenue near the Metra station.
Parking data in, but Naperville awaiting museum decision in redevelopment process
Two big questions -- commuter parking and the future of the DuPage Children's Museum -- are holding up the 5th Avenue redevelopment process in Naperville.
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The Dog n Suds on Center Street in Grayslake is on the market.
Classic Dog n Suds drive-in in Grayslake for sale
Great American Capital Partners agreed to lend $350 million to Hoffman Estates-based Sears Holdings Corp., giving the troubled retailer a boost to keep its doors open as the critical holiday season begins.
Sears gets an extra $350 million for the start of the holiday sales season
Tom DeSimone
Accounting firm merges with Selden Fox
A proposed parking garage at the Civic Center parking lot in downtown Glen Ellyn could cost roughly $10 million to $15 million.
Glen Ellyn plans to borrow $10 million for parking garage, streetscape projects
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