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posted: 8/15/2017 1:00 AM

Biz book review "The Power of Habit"

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  • blue letters flying out of an open book with bright colors

    blue letters flying out of an open book with bright colors


Time management gurus, productivity experts and coaches all agree that habits can make or break a career or a business, yet we're often at a loss to understand or control our own habits. Charles Duhigg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter at the New York Times, provides fresh insights in his best-selling book "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business" (Random House).

Triggered by a story he was writing while serving as a reporter in Baghdad, Duhigg was inspired to research and report on how habits can add to--or detract from--our productivity, health and quality of life. From case studies of the United States Army to his own experience as a victim of an afternoon snacking habit, Duhigg breaks down the "Habit Cycle."

He writes engagingly of how habits affect individuals, organizations and societies, offering clear, actionable steps we can take to impact our own work, organizations and communities.

Whether we are seeking to instill a habit like exercise, or break a habit like that daily cookie (Duhigg learned his true motivation was for social interaction, not the cookie itself), this book provides steps we can take to enrich and enhance our lives, one habit at a time.

• Vickie Austin is a business and career coach, author and professional speaker. She hosts "Biz Books Review" the third Tuesday of every month at the Wheaton Public Library. You can reach her at, or find her on LinkedIn or Twitter @Vickie_Austin.